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YCC renovation steps

We're working hard now to finish the final adjustments to the site and make sure everything works.  Should be online anyday now. 

Here's the YCC game plan for the near future.  We will start by what's ready, and go on to share more parts of the plan we can reveal.   

So... what's ready? 

  • Load a Facebook Fans course online for your benefit - in this course you'll see how to get 1000's of fans in just 10 days.  Hundreds signed up to the course already - if you didn't, here's the link: click here to signup for free.
    This should get your started with building your list.
  • Create a new YCC blog, to give you the best advice from our founder - Yonatan - and important updates.  The first guide in the blog is "how to build your list, which also teaches you how to build your squeeze page, your AR sequence and more...  go to the blog by clicking here.
  • New pages to share for points - check them out.
  • A complete renovation of the downline builder.

In the coming week, we're about to start launching the following:

  • Launch the first YCC paid product - we will offer people to purchase our product and get a founder position.  A founder will earn a percentage of the sales of the product and all the future products YCC will develope.
  • Launch the YCC advertising platform - we're have clients waiting to advertise on YCC.  
  • A complete renovation of the main site content.
  • Launch the YCC app - A part of the platform will be an application that will enable YOU to earn more money... and advertisers just LOVE apps and are keep calling us and asking us when it is online.
  • Launch the YCC revenue share program - based on the products, we will offer to purchase shares and earn a revenue share from our products sales.  So every YCC member would be able to purchase certain products that will also enable him to share in the revenue.  This revenue share is the only revenue share that is sustainable and meant not to stall.
  • Launch a co-op for users to get PAID downline. 

The plans mentioned above are our SHORT TERM plans only.  It has taken a LOT of planning, hard work and effort to bring this to you and the rest of the world (and you, as the first, are placed at the TOP!). 

We're going to expand a lot in the coming future.  Founders are going to make a nice profit in the near AND far future. 

YCC has been here for about 3 years, and we're going to make the 4th a year to remember! 

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ProfitClicking bankrupt - read fast!

ProfitClicking has bankrupt morally and ethically.

Ok, this is not what you might have expected, and you might hate us for the heart attack for certain people, but you must admit - morally and ethically, ProfitClicking, the HYIP industry gold standart, is bankrupt.


Because ProfitClicking officially stopped paying around 4 months ago.

Read more: ProfitClicking bankrupt - read fast!

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What does the bar do?

This question was asked many times. Here are some clarifications to the most pressing questions asked.


Upon setup, it prompts you to finish registration and fill in some details. It might first load in French, but you can change the language to several (English among them...).

Active state

After that, when active, it leaves a rotating banner (ad) on your desktop on top of other programs. Also, from time to time a single popup will show (only one at a time - so if a popup is on, no other will appear). You don't have to actually stay near the computer when it is on. Depends on your screen size, a small banner is not such a bother, but again, you can activate the cashbar when you are away... in addition, you can move the cashbar on your screen to a more convenient location of your choice.

How long should I use it?

Every month, you can make up to 10,000 points using the cash bar. You can also earn bonuses from time to time (by clicking a special banner that shows  "surfer bonus" that appears from time to time). So when you get to 10,000 points, you don't have to use the bar anymore if you don't want to.

Is it safe?

We are using it for several months now - and nothing (bad) happened. Moreover, we are using several anti-maleware and antiviruse softwares and no alert popped up.

Do I have any incentive to get to 10,000 points?

Besides earning money by using the cash bar. YourCreativeCrew gives you an incentive to reach 10,000 points as fast as you can. The first 6 to reach 10,000 points will be able to choose to either get a banner rotating for the following month or get their chosen program to the downline builder.

Still have more questions? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..